WHAT. Bygg_X’s mission is to promote and facilitate sharing and use of data for improving the quality of the built environment. By providing access to built environment data in one place, Bygg_X will increase the overall global capacity for effective data sharing, aggregating, re-use and analysis of valuable data towards the ultimate goal of improving the society.

WHY. The burgeoning trends within Internet of Things (more data), cloud technology (large storage capacities), and Big Data Analytics (powerful analysis tools) are progressively transforming the built environment. Applying these new tools within the building and construction industry has the potential to foster new ecosystems and to reinvent the value chain of the built environment, by emphasising quality and sustainability as economical drivers.

WHO. The development of Bygg_X as a building data exchange platform requires not only technical innovations, but also institutional change and business models innovations. Relevant stakeholders include those owning data (insurance companies, building product suppliers, etc), those monitoring data (e.g. hardware suppliers), those analysing data (e.g. software suppliers), those producing data (architects, building owners, construction companies etc), and any third-party willing to develop disruptive data-driven business models.

WHEN. We encourage anyone interested in participating in this initiative to take contact within the 15th of August 2019. A kick-off meeting will be planned in the beginning of September 2019.